Usually only the tender leaf which consist of the two leaves and a bud are plucked every 7 days. Once the tealeaves are plucked it is sent to the factory to have the lead weighted and kept on turfs for an estimated 12 hours. The process allows moisture out from the tealeaves to become a rubbery texture to make rolling the leaves easier. The rolling machine breaks the two leaves and bud into smaller particles to begin the fermenting process that may take up to 1-3 hours enabling the green color tea leaves to change into a coopery color.

Once the first stage process has been completed the leaves are sent through the Rotavane machine that will mince the leaves. The machine helps break the leaves down into even smaller particles to have prepared for the sifting process to segregate the teas into a variety size of mesh. The final processing of the tealeaves is distributed into the firing machine (oven) to compress the moisture and drying of the leaves to be prepared for consumption.

The teas are then packed into bags and sent for auction. Sri Lanka has the largest tea auction in the world where all the tea exporters purchase the tea.




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